Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Appreciate before it's gone.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t
Well hello there world =)

There's something I want to share with you.
(If there's any reader la =p)


p/s : Sorry English berterabur. I just want to improve, so I'm using English (even Rojak) in this entry ;)

Okay, Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. =)
Unfortunately, people will always appreciate when people or the things that they have already gone. I've maybe didn't through a lot about this kind of things. But a few incident teach me to appreciate all the people around me. They come and leave us whether in bad or good condition, will teach us how we learn lesson in life. Right?

For me, I've been close to my grandfather and grandmother from Ibu side. Just because Ibu the only person I ever had. Okay skip that. :) So, when I was a kid, I've always go to arwah Atok and arwah Nenek house. They treat me with lots of love. Lotsssss. It is difficult to tell. Maybe because I'm the only 'anak tunggal' granddaughter they ever had. Cececehhh =p

Arwah Atok passed away when I was 5, while he's asleep, wait and ready for Friday prayers. Yes, it just a moment to see arwah Atok face, hug me and teach me everything. After that, Nenek live with my youngest aunty. Arwah Nenek have been through a lot by herself. Seems like me, myself 'manja' with arwah Nenek. Hehehe =p Arwah Nenek was really really, a very very kind-hearted women, arwah Atok is a bit strict but he's also a very very kind person to everybody even his friends ever since I lived with them (sebab anak2 arwah Nenek selalu bergilir2 ambil Nenek, jaga Nenek including us.) she never raise her voice when she's angry, giving advice in such a soft reminder. But the truth is I never saw and all my family (Ibu, aunty or uncle) tell me that arwah Nenek angry or even using her hand to give lesson to her 20 son and daughter. Never.

Even after arwah Nenek passed away Alhamdulillah in such a good way, good day, good month. When arwah Nenek passed away, she didn't have any disease or illness. There's been never any trouble for us. Everything goes smoothly even though it is the 1st of Syawal in 2009. Before Eid prayers around 6 a.m. But the most regret for me, I didn't get a chance to be by her side until the last of arwah Nenek in this world. Before that, in Ramadhan I've been busy with my STPM and also helping my family every day at that time. Maybe it's fate that Allah want me to learn a lesson, appreciate people around me before they gone. I miss arwah Atok & Nenek. =')

And there's a person, a friend of mine. Which I consider as adik. =)
I've been close to him since I was 11 years old and he was 10 years old. When I was on primary school, he was a friend of my friend. My friend (satu bas sekolah dengan aku) introduced me to him. At that time, using 'adik angkat' 'kakak angkat' or any 'angkat2' was spreading around school. Asal ada adik kakak sikit terus jadi adik beradik angkat. Duhhh. Kahkah -,-'

While in secondary school, we also entered the same school but not as closely as we're in primary school. There's so many things that makes us not close anymore. But one day his classmate tell me that he's sick and always go to our 'Bilik Sakit' in school. Even there have rumors that he's not really sick, but pretend to be. Since then, I always come to that 'Bilik Sakit' to see him when our recess time. 

Because of the rumors that he's pretend to be sick, he even been bullied. Kesian kan =(
But there's a day when I feel so uneasy to him because I feel like he always disturbing me after that, always come to my class even during lesson just want to ask small things to me. So I avoid him. If he come to my class, I even run to the other class so he won't find me. (Jahatkan -,-') But still I felt guilty. After so much avoiding, so I came to his class and pretend like nothing happened and lucky he never ask about the avoidance. Or maybe he keep that in heart. =(

But I didn't know that would be the last time that I meet him. He even ask me to save his family picture, photostat of his I/C and his Snoopy notebook. (But I lost all that when my house burned-out) He said that his father want to send him to Queen Elizabeth Hospital at Kota Kinabalu to check about his migraine and he said for sure he will come back to school. =') I even ask him to see me first when he came back to school and hostel but the sad news we had after that he's in coma. It's because of the operation from the tumor in his brain. I even call her mom for the first time ask if he's okay. Her mom said that he conscious for awhile but after that he passed away on 20th of September 2006 and our teacher announce in our school. It is the first time in my whole life that my friend passed away. One thing that I regret that I feel like I don't really appreciate him as a friend and as 'adik' at that time. I even ran away and avoid him just because I feel ashamed that my friend teasing about he became my 'adik'. I shouldn't do that.

But all of it made me realize that I should appreciate all people around me while being with them even in a short while. Because sometimes Allah want to test you with the presence of people around you.If we didn't think well and take it negatively we will never know hikmah in every little things that happen in our life. To be regret then it's too late. So appreciate our love one before they gone. 

Now I try harder to appreciate all the people around me, but sometimes even me not able to withstand when people didn't appreciate us. But, don't be afraid of what people think about what the kind things that you're done, because the only important thing is Allah. What Allah will see of us. =)

All the story that I shared not that I want to show off or whatever, but I hope people will take as a lesson to appreciate every people that come into our lives, every little things that happen to us. We should thank Allah for everything. 

The very important part is appreciate our parents,
as we growing up, they grow older.
Didn't you realize that?

Al-Fatihah untuk arwah Atok ; Palal bin Senin.
Al-Fatihah untuk arwah Nenek ; Jainab binti Uyong
Al-Fatihah untuk arwah Kama' ; Mohd Kamaruddin bin Nordin 

Semoga Allah tempatkan mereka di tempat yang Allah janjikan nikmat untuk hambaNya.
Amin =')

Ini adik arwah Kamaruddin. Capture masa dorang Tahun 1, 2008.
Dia sebaya & satu sekolah masa tu dengan anak buah aku,
Baby. Even nda pasti masa tu budak ni adik arwah tu atau nda,
lastly dapat tanya dia & dia cakap nama dia Norhamdin.
Sbb pernah tahu arwah ada adik nama Norhamdin cuma nda pernah jumpa.
Investigate rupanya mmg adik arwah ni bila pernah nampak
bapa arwah tu hantar adik dia ke sekolah.
Kecil & comel sama macam arwah abangnya. =')

Do you realize I change my font? =p

Thursday, January 24, 2013

kau teristimewa, Dia yang sempurna

Assalamualaikum w.b.t & watcha doing yaww? 
How's your holiday? How's your hometown?
And how's your everything?
Is everything okay?
If okay, Alhamdulillah. Praise to Allah =)

Salam Maulidur Rasul.
Perbanyakkan selawat dan salam ke atas junjungan tercinta kita. 

Right now, this hour, this minute, this second,
I'm at my hometown.
Feel so fascinating ! 
Being with my beloved Family, beloved Best friends & Sisters.
And beloved hometowns. 
It's everything that I miss.

But one thing for sure,
the memories that I want to forget have been recall back since I've came here.

Every single place in my hometown keep remain of the memories.
Yes, I said I want to forget him.
But eventually, I can't....
The truth is, I CAN'T !
I've try to, even me avoid all my friends, best friends.
And I didn't realized that I'd hurt them.
I'm sorry.

In my previous entry, I'd explained why I even avoid my friends, my best friends.
But it still didn't work. My friends keep telling me how he had been,
and I even saw his picture at one of my friends wedding !
And kept my heart at ache.
(For sure, if he read this he will become more annoying to me.)

More than that, I even saw all our old conversation in my old phone.
(which now, Ibu use that phone.)
I didn't erase all the message. All of his text reminder especially, I saved in the phone.

Am I too obsessed? 
Am I enough too care?
We didn't have anything special in the past.
It just me, that just made him one of the important person in my life.
I'm sorry, I'm really really sorry.
When I think about it, there's so many things I'd did wrong.
I'd always bother him with all my 'annoying' attitude.
I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, I felt very sorry.
Up until now we've always arguing, blaming each other.
I don't know what I must do to make things even better.
Even though I know things will not the same like the old time.

Hati saya sentiasa keras di awal,
tapi akhirnya lembut juga.

I'm sorry because I can't seem to forget everything.
Because you were too kind.
Even in your own way to show that kindness.
Sometimes annoying, sometimes arguing, even 'mentally psycho-ing' me.

I'm sorry again.
It was all my fault, jealousy ruin everything.
(even we don't have any special relationship, just being friends)
Yes, it's just me.
Even though I know we will never meant to be together.
Now, or maybe sometimes.
Maybe all the prays I keep for Allah have some mistakes.
And maybe my intention was a bit strayed away.

I just only can make Du'a,
for you have a happier life from now on and in the future.
Be with someone that will even more care of you,
and always makes you happy.
A life with someone that will still having Allah blessing till Jannah.
Amin =)

Not just I even to give up.
Even though I'd say before this, that I will wait for you.
It just I don't want you to feel offended or shame anymore with me.
I hope it's enough with just for me that you felt that way.
Not for anyone else.

Take care.
I know you will always obey to Allah will,
a really good son to your parents,
a really good brother to your siblings,
a really good uncle to your niece & nephew,
a really good friends to our friends,
a really good citizen to our country,
and lastly will be a really good husband to your future wife, SOMEDAY.

Because, at that time..I'm starting to believe in you.

May Allah always bless you in whatever you do.

"You will only find true happiness when you truly believe that everything happens
for a reason and Allah is the best of planner."

p/s : Minta maaf untuk bahasa yang bercampur baur. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Selamat Tinggal Semester 5 !

Alhamdulillah. Last paper. =)
Friday. At 0900. Institusi dan Pasaran Kewangan Islam.

Haippp. Ini bukan untuk kontrobersih okay. =p

Ini teman, kawan saya semenjak semester 1.
Pernah rapat masa semester 1 sebabkan kelas English.
Coursemate saya juga.
Pernah bergaduh teruk, sebab dia buat saya marah masa semester 4.
(Padan muka ko dil) =p

Tapi sekarang walaupun awkward dan tidak serapat dulu, kami ok kan ! 

aku suka gambar ni ja sebab nampak macam comel skit.
(sila muntah)
Siiiiiiiikit ja. Bukan coklat, tapi kuning. Bahahaha.

Happy Holiday tawan tawan ! (pehlis, Kawan ok)
Semoga Allah berkati perjalanan, permudahkan segala urusan. =)

xoxxyz. Ihiks. Kbai !

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Memaafkan dan Melupakan.

"Aku maafkan kamu, tak perlu kita bertemu cukup kau tahu,
yang aku maafkan kamu, tolong teruskn hidup, jangan sebut namaku." 

- Jamal Abdillah feat Malique.

Melupakan bukan sesuatu yang mudah untuk dilaksanakan.
Berapa kali mulut berkata, tapi hati sebenarnya menidakkan.
Dalam hati akan terdetik pelbagai benda yang menghalang kita untuk melupakan.
Terpulang kita, bersungguh mahu melupakan atau tidak.

Ya. Melupakan juga bukan semudah yang dijangka.
Walaupun kau merasa sakit dengan apa yang kau rasakan saat ini,
tapi tidak mungkin kau boleh melupakan sesuatu yang indah bagi kau.
Dalam satu masa yang singkat.

Hanya hati, akal fikiran dan kekuatan diri yang perlu.
Jika kita bersungguh ingin melupa.

Maafkan mereka. Lupakan mereka.
Apa-apa yang membuatmu sedih, tinggalkan.
Apa-apa yang membuatmu gembira, kekalkan.

Walaupun perit,
In sha Allah dengan izin Allah.
Mungkin ada hikmah segala ini terjadi.
Mohon kekuatan padaNya, Yang Satu. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013


"Cuma mungkin ya beda kali dari semua yang pernah cowok gua kenal. Itu unik."

"Gua gak bisa ngelupain dia."

(Ada Apa Dengan Cinta, 2002)

Kalau sampai waktuku,
'Ku mau tak seorang kan merayu
Tidak juga kau
Tak perlu sedu sedan itu
Aku ini binatang jalang
Dari kumpulannya terbuang
Bila peluru menembus kulitku
Aku tetap meradang menerjang
Luka dan bisa kubawa berlari
Hingga hilang pedih peri
Dan aku akan lebih tidak perduli
Aku mau hidup seribu tahun lagi

(Chairil Anwar, 1943)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Exam. Hometown. Allah, The All-Loving.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Entry before this is too straight-forwardkan? :3
But I'm glad Sara already read it and she feel so happy.
I don't know whether I want to feel happy or sad.
But, when I type all those things I'd cry. 
Masa tu, rasa macam mau kol Sara tapi cukuplah serik sudah aku kol orang
tapi nda sambut kol. *tarik muka*

I don't know,
mungkin hampir lebih satu bulan aku jadi diam.
Diam untuk semuanya.
Minta maaf untuk semua sahabat yang tersinggung dengan sikap saya selama ni.
Saya tahu ramai orang yang berkecil hati.
Sesungguhnya saya bukanlah sahabat yang terbaik. :')

Let Sara and all my best friends enjoy their moment everywhere they're now.
In sha Allah not more than a week I will back to my hometown.
Oh, Sandakan ku wait for me. Hihihi
Baru tadi on call dengan abang, cerita punya lama. Macam macam kami cerita,
cerita pasal anak buah yang nakal, yang dirindui.
(Oh myyy, nda sabar mau balik!)
Kalau sudah dengan abang bercerita kan, pasal bapa tukar number pun jadi isu.
Ahahahaha :D Sangat lucu.
3 more paper to go. In sha Allah. 
Go go go my coursemate ! my Umate ! :3

And whenever you feel sad, stress, hurt or heartache.
Watch this video.

"Allah, the creator of heaven and earth, says He loves you. He love them and they love Him. (5:54)
Despite our sins that are done everyday, Al-Wadood still loves us.
How can this be? Subhanallah..." :')

Jadi jangan putus harapan untuk terus berubah.
Jangan sebab satu benda yang boleh buat kita bersedih kita lupa yang Allah sentiasa ada.
Allah uji kita sebab Allah sayang kita kan. :'D

And heyyy ! Remember,

Because smile is Sadaqah. =)

p/s : Entry sikit ja yg kena dengan tajuk. =p

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dear Sara.

P/S : Entry ini terlalu terus terang penceritaannya. Nda suka, jgn baca. :)

Semalam terdetik hati buka Facebook. Last aku buka pun 29 Disember 2012.
Bila buka, tergerak hati stalk FB dia. Bestfriend. Yg memang sangat lama tidak tahu khabar berita.
Scroll scroll kebawah aku nampak ini :

Sedih tahu. Aku fikir memang aku dilupakan sudah. Sampai satu hari aku fikir
rasa mahu putus asa sudah untuk jaga hati sendiri yakinkan yang semua akan pulih semula satu hari nanti.

So, I don't know what else I want to do, and this is my reply :

"Assalamualaikum. Dear Bestfriend, 
Alhamdulillah, Ibu and me was fine and stay healthy, but as usual once in a month I'll having my P.P. Although it's hurt, but I try to be strong to face my exam. :( So how are you too? Are you fine? I hope everything's okay without me. :') Pernah satu hari aku terfikir untuk tulis surat utk kau, poskan untuk kau. Tapi, aku biarkan saja surat itu dalam buku. Aku batalkan niat. So, old skool me. :p Do you still remember that one person story that I'll always share with you? That one person that always I care of even though he always makes me sick and sad? I know you still remember. :) He said to me once that he was ashamed when our friends knows that I contacted him, call him, and texting him. I don't know what his reason, tp adakah aku terlalu teruk sampai orang rasa mcm tu dgn aku? I think it's time for me to let go enough everything that always makes me hurt. Mustahil ada orang yang gembira bila dengar orang cakap macam tu, especially kawan kita sendiri. Especially orang yang...hurmm, lupakan. It's just me, stupid enough to think that everybody likes to be friends with me. Enough with that guy stories. :') 

Pernah sekali aku bagitau kwn kita,J_A benda yang menyedihkan ni mungkin akan lebih berkesan kalau aku avoid semua orang dalam lingkungan kawan-kawan kita ni. Termasuklah dorang semua. I'd try, I'd avoid you, I'd avoid him, them, our friends, and also my other best friends. Although it's hurt, I'm just pretend to be strong everyday. Counting days back to Sandakan but I don't want to meet everybody. I'm afraid that I will hurt when I accidently keep up with our old friend just to ask them how you are, and how he was, are you doing well, are the guy doing well? But I know, it'll only makes me hurt when I try to avoid everyone. 

Now, just give me time. To accept everything. Aku rasa pun lebih baik begini. Rasanya. At least, I know I've done a thing to make this friendship turn back like the old time, but I know, at this time, it's not the right time to make that happen. :') Just give me time. Just like you, I've been through so many hurt. Yg pernah aku ceritakan dan yang tidak pernah aku ceritakan. Now, we just go with the flow. Lepas kita sudah usaha, kita berdoa, kita serahkan kepada yang Maha Mengetahui. :')

I just want to forget all the bad things in my life right now. I think I don't deserve to be with everyone that I loved. :'3

Jaga diri Sara, saya sayang anda. You too. Eat well, sleep tight. Balik Sandakan sudah kan, makan banyak banyak. Memang nampak kurus sudah kau tu, tolongla ambil lemak ku ni separuh. Nda tahan menanggungnya lama-lama. Hihihi. I know you strong. Like me. ^^ InsyaAllah, panjang umur, ada kesempatan InsyaAllah akan berjumpa lagi di satu masa yang Allah tetapkan. Kita merancangkan, Allah yang tentukan semuanya dan Allah jua lah sebaik baik perancang. Sayang anda Lillahi Taala. Doakan kejayaan dan kebahagiaan bersama di dunia & akhirat. One more thing, pray for me to have enough sleep and not think hardly about this, okay? Heeee :') Kirim salam mama. Assalamualaikum."

Minta maaf untuk ayat yang panjang berjela-jela. Sesungguhya jika dikumpulkan lagi banyak sangat benda yang mahu dikongsi. Tapi cukuplah untuk kali ini. Sekadar reply surat Facebook Sara. :')

"Always be strong enough to let go, and be smart enough to wait for what you deserve."

Saturday, January 5, 2013

If I can turn back time.

I wish I can turn back time.
Rewind back the time when we first close.
And then I will redo my mistakes again.
Or I hope I'll never meet you at that time.

I wish, if I can turn back time,
I hope at that time I'll never gonna be hurt by you.
Been hurt by an unknown situation that left me behind.
Again, I hope I'll never meet you at that time.

And if I can turn back time,
I wish I never had memories about you and only keep it myself.
Because it'll makes me hurt whenever my mind keep recall about it again.
Makes me hurt, alone.

I really hope that I could turn back time,
and never meet you again.
I hope.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Hadiah Celcom sempena Tahun Baru.

04 Januari 2013 ; Jumaat

Hariku dimulakan dengan Peperiksaan Akhir Semester 1 2012/2013
bagi subjek Islamic Asset Management.
Mahu dikatakan susah, tidak juga. Mahu dikatakan senang, tidak juga.
Yang penting, bayangkan macam mana cara budak study last minit menjawab soalan?
Dapat bayangkan? Bagus! Tepuk tangan utk diri sendiri. T^T

Dan dari malam semalamnya HP aku Samsung yg comel itu mengalami masalah.
Matikan nda boleh, mesti cabut dari battery & bila hidupkan, restart ja sampai lemas. 
Memang cari pasal awal pagi.
Nasiblah. Memang nasib.
Memang speechless tapi disembunyikan tekanan itu dengan senyuman. Ahaks :)

Lantas aku pun menghubungi abang tersayang dengan HP spare part, 
bodek sikit. (Manatau balik Sandakan nanti dapat HP baru dengan rebate. Hahaha)
Aku pun bagitau la, HP rosak blablablabla.
Jawapannya pun, 
"Jadi mau buat macam mana? Sabarlah. Nda lama lagi balik, nanti balik kita bawa p kedai."
Agak cantik juga jawapan di situ. Hohoho
Alaaahh, nda dapat la online. Tiadalah tathering hotspot. Tiadalah Instagram.
Walhal sekarang online pinjam modem Dayah. 
Bertungkus lumus masukkan simkad pegi modem.
Ihiks :3
Tapi dihujung ayat abang aku tu,
"Nda palah, sabarlah. Nanti aku top up kan kredit celcom mu."
Hoyeah ! Hehehehe.

Nak dijadikan cerita, (ewahh)
Baru ja tadi, disebabkan abang aku BZ kerja, dia baru bagi nombor top up tadi.
Dan aku pun dengan semangatla top up kan. :)

Abg I baik tau u olls :3
Okey lepas tu, celcom pun menghantar SMS berbunyi begini :

Bila aku nampak FREE RM5 mata aku pun bukan main bersinar sinar sebab nampak benda free kan.
Bab free free ni aku sangat pantang. Hahahaha.
Done, lepas tu aku pun taip la apa yang dia suruh tu.

Kalau diikutkan dalam kiraan aku yang tamak ini (ihiks),
baki akaun kredit aku ada la dalam duapuluhsaturinggit lebih macam tu kan.
Tapi lepas aku selesai mengikuti semua prosedur yang telah ditetapkan oleh Celcom,
dia jadi macam ni :

Aku pun terkejut, mata terbeliak (sangat) sebab mana pergi sepuluh ringgit yang baru abang aku top up tadi?
Aku pun jadi risau, sedih, murung, tekanan, ok tipu. Hehe
Jeng jeng jenggggg..

Dia masuk dalam bonus balance kita, setiap pengguna Celcom mesti tau kan bila kita top up,
setiap bulan kita akan dapat bonus kredit dari Celcom. 
Depend on berapa peratus daripada top up bulanan kita la. 
Rupanya yang sepuluhringgit baru top up tadi terus masuk bonus balance. 
Nampak RM 5 credit dekat bawah tu? Tu la percuma RM 5 yang dia mau bagi tu.

Tapi, yang tapi nya. 
Bila kita guna kredit untuk SMS, MAKE A CALL atau MELAYARI INTERNET,
actual kredit kita, means yang aku punya RM 6 lebih tadi tu sikit nda gerak pun. 
Yang gerak RM 10 baru aku top up tadi tu la. 
Maksudnya habiskan dulu RM 10 tu lepas tu baru boleh guna RM 5 free yang Celcom bagi tu.
Dan RM 5 tu dalam masa 5 hari ja tahu?
Nampak permainannya di situ?
Celcom celcom. Bijak sungguh. Hehehe
Faham ka nda ayat aku ni? Nda faham? Okey, pandai pandailah memahami. Heheks :p

Actually, itu lah bila tengok benda free sangat teruja kan.
Rupa rupanya ada juga yang nda bestnya. Hoho.
Macam mana la aku mau habiskan dulu RM 10 tu baru guna RM 5 tu?
Kalau boleh RM 10 ni aku share merata sudah aku share.
Sharing kan is caring *wink* (konon)
Bukannya kol siapa siapa pun.
Paling paling Ibu, Abang, Family d rumah. Tu pun nda lama.
Al maklum la, tiada siapa lagi untuk dihubungi.
Hew hew :3

Kalau tahu baik aku kekalkan ja tadi dalam baki akaun aku RM 16 lebih tu lepas top up kan.
Apa-apa pun bersyukurlah dengan nikmat yang telah diberikan. Alhamdulillah. :)

Lepas mengeluh baru bersyukur. Cantik Manda. Cantik. -,-'

Siapa rasa mau kredit free selepas top up RM 10, silalah langgan.
Kalau rasa rasa tidak akan menyesal lah.
Kalau kaki gayut telefon tu konfom nda menyesal sebab ada banyak kredit.
Boleh cakap lama lama. (Iklan)

Entry ini sekadar untuk berkongsi.
Kongsi kredit pun boleh. RQ ja anytime.
InsyaAllah, KALAU DILAYAN :3 Kekekeke

Kbai ! 
I know you miss me, xxyyzz <3

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Page 1 of 365.

"As time goes by, will our memory fade?" - Yoon Mi Rae

Selamat tahun baru 2013 :)

Tahun baru kami dimulakan dengan buku, study dan nota.
Arghhh. Stress sebenarnya.
Bukan stress study. Tapi stress nda dapat study.
Sebab tiap kali study ja mengantuk, mengantuk, mengantuk.
Can someone tell me how I make this 'sleepiness' fade away when I'm studying?

Terus rasa macam mau cepat habis exam dan balik rumah.
Balik Sandakan dan membayangkan aku sedang berbaring baring di sofa,
sambi bermain gadget, kalau nda pun main di taman dengan Haykal.
Ahahahaha :'D

Walaupun kurang dari 48 jam lagi untuk paper pertama bermula,
tapi aku memang sangat sempat post entry baru, update Twitter (sudah pasti).

Azam baru?
Hurmm. Hurmm. There's something inside my mind. But I won't tell ya.
Padahal tiada kan. :p
Azam lepas lepas pun belum tertunai tapi akan sedaya upaya dicuba untuk merealisasikan 
azam yang lama itu !
InsyaAllah, Amin :)

I want to make a new life. I'll try. I know I can !
New friends. New what is right for me. Everything new.
Try to forget all the bad things in life that still haunt your life.

Walaupun sangat sakit yang dirasakan,
tapi kalau kita betul betul bertekad ingin melupakan, tiada apa yang dapat menghalang.
Lebih baik kita usir segala perkara yang sentiasa membuat kita bersedih,
dari mengingatnya buat kita terluka. Kan kan?
Aiseh ayat nda ble blah.
But this is serious. *muka serius*
But, Alhamdulillah Allah for everything, for giving our chances to still gave us breathe in this Dunya.
Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah. :')

Coretan ini, aku kedua akhirkan dengan ucapan, pesanan dan doa, 

"Sejuta kemaafan dipohon untuk semua sahabat sahabat yg telah saya sakitkan.
Yang telah saya sakitkan dengan segala perkataan, tulisan, perbuatan.
Anda semua adalah sahabat terbaik untuk saya dunia & akhirat.
Tapi keadaan memaksa saya untuk menjauhkan diri dan mungkin ini adalah cara yang terbaik.
Penat hati untuk menyimpan segala rasa, sakit dipendam untuk masa yg terlalu lama.
Minta maaf, saya manusia yang penuh khilaf.
Buat sahabat saya yg akan berkahwin nanti, yang sentiasa bertanyakan khabar tentang saya,
anda adalah salah satu sahabat lelaki saya yang tahu segalanya tentang saya (mungkin),
Minta maaf kerana kali ini susah saya ingin meluahkan segalanya,
saya tidak ingin membazirkan airmata lagi untuk kesakitan hati ini. (Aiseh)
Jaga diri, jadi suami yang terbaik untuk isteri anda nanti.
Buat sahabat semua yg saya sayangi, minta maaf jika tidak membalas segala ucapan,
pesanan dari anda.
Maafkan saya jika saya berbuat sedemikian. Mungkin memang ini cara yg terbaik.
Jaga diri, sayang anda semua." :')

Sorry untuk ayat yang jiwang. :'D

Ya, dan aku tahu senyuman ini sangat buruk. Mata sebelah kecil.
Tapi senyuman menyembunyikan segalanya. :)
Dan Good Luck seluruh mahasiswa / mahasiswi IPT untuk Peperiksaan Akhir.
Bertekad Cemerlang. Ewahhh. :3
*kembali ke buku*

"Hati kecilku menyatakan ini harus diakhiri."